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REMCO project
Upskilling counselling workers for remote, online services provision
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Toolkit for effective Remote Counselling

To help mental health workers to facilitate the roll-out and support the provision of remote counselling services the project has developed a toolkit that includes:
  • Self - assessment tool: The tool has the objective to assess the skills in remote counselling giving to the workers in mental health the chance to reflect on their skills, knowledge, readiness, and attitude towards remote counselling, assisting them to easily identify your strengths and potential areas for improvement. It is available here
  • E-book, aimed at mental health professionals who wish to integrate remote counselling into their services.
    It provides a brief, comprehensive and understandable overview of project REMCO's curriculum and will be available off-line as well!

On April 25th, 2024, the Greek multiplier event of the REMCO project was successfully organized in Athens!
During the event, the REMCO project results and educational material were presented, while there were interesting discussions and speeches by experts in the field (psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists), about the practices surrounding remote councelling services, the challenges faced by the professionals who conduct sessions remotely, ethical issues raised and the importance of therapists' self-care.
OERs on remote mental health counselling

To enable mental health workers to acquire the skills and competencies required to deliver effective online mental health counselling sessions, the project REMCO developed a combination of pedagogical resources that will help them keep up with the latest field developments, in particular:

•    Vocational curriculum that can be used by VET providers and mental health institutions to provide continuous training opportunities for mental health workers in remote counselling

•    Pool of pedagogical resources (learning materials) to support the delivery of the REMCO MOOC

Our Croatian partners are having their REMCO dissemination activities!!!
Croatian Info Day is part of the 2. KOKOSS Conference from February 22nd-25th
The event has 800 registered participants from five professional chambers: psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, educational rehabilitators, and social pedagogues.
This year’s Conference main theme is Interdisciplinarity as a resource and REMCO project fits in perfectly in the third theme of inclusion and innovation.
To find more on the Conference go to

Fifth Transnational Project Meeting in Rjieka!

On the 8th  and 9th of February 2024 we held the last, in person, meeting of the REMCO project in Croatia.
We have organized the activities for the last  project results and discuss about the organization of the multiplier events.
Are you a mental health professional? Do you want to offer counselling in an online environment? Do you need more information and input about offering it remotely?
We can help you!

In the Erasmus+ project REMCO, we have developed a 6-module modular online course to help mental health professionals acquire online counselling skills in 6 different languages.

Fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Bucharest!

This two-day event on the 4th and 5th of July 2023 brought all the REMCO partners in Bucharest to discuss and evaluate the progress of the project risults and to plan the next steps.
Soon the Open Educational Resourceson on mental health counselling are going to be finalised. Furthermore, the first steps for the toolkit for effective remote counselling were discussed in greater detail.
The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to learn, share experiences for the further project progress, and build stronger partnerships across borders.

UNIRI at ESTSS 2023 Conference

UNIRI has participated at the 17th biennal conference of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Trauma and resilience through the ages: A life course perspective

The advantage of online counseling is the possibility of access to hard-to-reach people. That includes traumatized individual, migrants and refugees...
These are the 5 principles of trauma-informed care
▪︎ safety
▪︎ choice
▪︎ collaboration
▪︎ trustworthiness

First digital presentation

The first digital presentation of the project is ready and downloadable here. It allows to get a general overview of the project and its results.
First result ready!
We invite you to look at the first result of the project: the learning outcomes for online, remote mental health counselling, report.
In the report are described the identified skill needs of mental health workers and the resulting required learning outcomes. It is possible to read or download the report from the page "Results"  or here.
Third Transnational Project Meeting  in Rome

The 3rd REMCO Transnational  Project Meeting took place on 15th and 16th of December 2022 in Rome and it was hosted by IAL Nazionale.
We are working on creating learning opportunities for mental health workers in online counselling.

❓What was discussed this time❓
We started with the evaluation of the last months of the project and worked together on the following points:
📌Creation of the open educational resources
📌Development of the trainer manual
📌Massive Open Online Course
📌Risk & Quality Management
Second Transnational Project Meeting  in Athens

After our first REMCO TP meeting was held online, our second TPM was live in Athens from 27th and 28th June 2022 and we got to know each other for the first time. Our partner Exelia hosted the meeting.
We worked hard - went over the planned activities and the first project results. We are now set for the 2nd project task - structuring of educational material related to online counseling in in the field of mental health!

For the development of the first project result, we have gathered experts from various backgrounds (psychotherapist, psychological and vocational counsellors) to discuss the importance of remote counselling in the field of mental health.
What digital and non-digital skills a mental health worker needs in order to provide online service.


Just started the new Erasmus+ project REMCO and the consortium met online for the very first time.
For the next 30 months we will work together to make available a curriculum with corresponding Open Educational Resources (OERs) for the continuous professional development of MENTAL HEALTH WORKERS, to address the emerging occupational & skills needs related to the provision of ICT-enabled REMOTE COUNSELLING SERVICES.
In fact, clear and consistent policies and protocols on remote mental health service provision are missing and the majority of counselling workers lack the requisite knowledge and skills to provide effective “telepractice” services.

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